‘Just Christmas’

This week our class reporters went out into the field to interview the main organisers of a local event called ‘Just Christmas’.

‘Just Christmas’ – an event organised for single parents and their children was run by 3 churches in the Coleraine area.

270 volunteers, all in santa hats, along with a bus provided and driven by the PSNI, helped to make this day so special.

There was an exciting programme for the children including
Balloon Modelling, Face Painting, and a chance to see some extraordinary animals such as a snake, a racoon, a skunk and a tarantula. The racoon was a big hit showing off its skill of being able to turn the taps on and off.

Meanwhile, the parents were able to relax and have hand massages or sit and drink coffee and eat buns in the café (provided by ‘Ground’). They were able to choose food for their hamper and some of the volunteers went to the people’s homes to help fix things or wash their yards.

In the evening, the children and parents came together to watch a Christmas movie called ‘The Nativity’ and had ice-cream (provided by ‘Mauds’) and there was a special guest appearance from Santa who arrived on a tractor with a trailer and gave out some presents.

One of the parents commented how much they enjoyed the day and that they felt really blessed and said that it felt like Christmas had come early for them.