School Report January News Day - Willies Orphan Fund Tsunami Charity

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Below is the transcript for those of you who are interested in reading it:

'Good Afternoon and welcome to Sandelford News Room.
On Tuesday our school report team met up with Willie Gregg and interviewed him about his charity ‘Willies Orphan Fund’.

When the Tsunami first hit Thailand on the 26th December 2004, Willie, who had visited Thailand before, saw the news and wanted to do something to help. So 6 weeks later, he went out to Thailand to find out how he could help. He saw that a lot of the children had lost their mums and dads in the disaster and had nowhere to live and no money to buy food. So when Willie got back to Northern Ireland he decided to start raising money to help them.

For the past 7 years, Willie has done a lot of different fund-raising activities like Car Boot Sales, organising Quiz nights, doing charity car washes, door-to-door collections as well as selling art work and so far has raised £200,000.

Every week Willie needs to raise £500 to support the children. This money is used to support the orphanage where they live and to give them food. It also lets them go to school because in Thailand children have to pay to go to school and pay to take the bus to school.

In the beginning Willie would fly out to Thailand to make sure the money went to the right people as he didn’t know who he could trust. Now he puts the money in the bank and it’s transferred to Thailand where he has 2 local people who look after it.

Sometimes he still goes over to Thailand to see how the children are doing. He gets to do lots of fun things with them like singing, playing games, going to the beach or the forest, and sometimes they even get to go to McDonald’s.

If you would like to know more about Willies Orphan Fund go to willies orphan

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